Journey with Linux.

It all started back in 2016 around Jan/Feb, when I first saw Virtual box having kali linux installed in my laptop. It is installed by one of my friend as he took my laptop for learning about penetration and security tools workshop. Earlier I had only heard the name of... [Read More]

Container's Over VM's.

In these post I am going to brief you about the containers. Container is like a VM’s I am not denying that but they are not VM’s. Consider if we want to install and run application in two different VM’s, we need to download binary of that applications which might... [Read More]

Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Jarkko Oikarinen is the inventor of IRC. He wrote client and server program for IRC in 1988 while working at university. What is IRC? IRC is one of the major communication medium for FOSS developers and contributors. We can able to communicate in real time with people all around the... [Read More]